"I design to express my everyday life and experiences.  I am truly inspired by everything around me and I use that Inspiration to create fun and unique apparel for women and children."

  - Ashley Rose


        Ashley grew up in New York.  Living on Long Island gave her the opportunity to experience life by the ocean, in the suburbs, and in the city.  Each location provided a whole new world of inspiration.  Ashley has loved fashion since she was a child always playing dress up and designing doll clothes.  Her passion led her to Virginia, where she studied Fashion Design, concentrating in both Womens wear and Childrens wear. While still a student, Ashley completed an internship in New York City where she learned what its like to work for a small fashion company, going beyond just design and learning about merchandising and public relations as well. Since graduation, Ashley has entered the Fashion Industry for Children's wear, and is continuing to pursue her love for Fashion Design through bright colors and fun prints.